The ladyfest is a non-commercial meeting which will take place in Münster May 13-15. The event will critically reflect the sexist, heteronormative and binary gender classifications. We want to create a space where knowledge can be passed on –through workshops and lectures, discussions, exchange and networking. This will include practical knowledge (like repairing bikes, audio engineering, skating, streetart, tango…) as well as theoretical knowledge (for example gender and biology, racism and language, female migrants as domestic workers, alternative family concepts, racism, gender and orientalism, trans identities…). There will be concerts, exhibitions and movies, too.

There will be childcare, translations and sleeping places at the ladyfest. If you need any of this, please contact us in advance (if that’s not possible, it’s no problem either).
If you‘d like to help -to translate, to offer sleeping places, to prepare the food, to hold a workshop etc – we‘re happy to hear from you!

how to get there

#When you get out of the train, take the exit to the center. Then turn right and after a few hundred meters you‘ll see the „Café Fundus“ (next to some Kebap-shops). Up the stairs -the Ladyfest! (the place is called „Ehemalige Rebel-Tanzschule“)

the programm

ab 20h krikela // ginger jets // zosch! // sookee

12-14h trans*– transphobie–trans*support// Female migrant domestic workers // repairing bikes

15-17h audio engineering // StreetArt

15-19h racism and language // Tango

17-19h Skaten // Film „Jungs wie ich und du“

ab 20h elcassette // poly:amie // friz & zanko


12-14h Biology and Gender // Alternative families // Abortions in Poland and movie „Underground Women State“

14-16h Let’s talk about sex // Welcome to Kanakistan – Racism, Gender, Orientalism